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P.  Brillo's

 a new Italian restaurant in Upstate NY

bringing a piece of Rhode Island's history to a new market.

We are an upscale - casual restaurant with a retro vibe.
Yet we're a local place where you can come as you are and be treated like family..

in fact you can bring the whole family!

Our recipes are Rhode Island based Italian favorites,  

a slightly different, but welcomed take on classic Italian.

If you've ever been to Rhode Island  you're already in the know.

If not, we invite you to come and relax in a friendly atmosphere

and enjoy some great New England style Italian dishes. 


The Backstory 

P. Brillo's originally existed and flourished in the 1970's, when family dinners were important. It was a place where you could come as you are for a real home cooked dinner. Unfortunately, the times changed and fast food chains became the rage. 

Today the P. Brillo's you see is a reinvention of the original by a man named Jeff. If you catch him, he'll talked about the times he had as a young man working for the Papa Brillo family. Simpler times.

For years he thought about bringing the concept back to life, but it wasn't until a series of events occurred (and the perfect location came along) that the idea came to life.

With a dream and a lot of hard work he

transformed a dying space into a perfect nod to the original restaurant.


So today P.  Brillo's is alive again.

Bringing a piece of history back, a taste of New England style foods, and family charm.

We look forward to making you a part of our family as we grow and improve over time.

Thank you for supporting us while we do!

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