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Wed - Sat: 8am -11am

Sun: 8am - 12 noon

Wed:  8:00am - 8:30pm

Thurs:  8:00am - 9:30pm

Fri - Sat:  8:00am - 10:30pm

Sun: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Closed: Mon & Tues

Live Trivia Night - Every Thurs:  7pm

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 We currently offer some VEGAN and Gluten Free options for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (ie. Vegan scramble, omelets, chick'un sandwiches and chick'un dinners and's).

Ask us and we can adapt many of the regular menu items. Click on Menu to see which dishes can easily be adapted.

Note: A full vegan menu will be coming soon - so stay tuned!

Pizza Dough
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Our Pizza's Are Handmade to OrderFresh from the OvenPlease Allow 20 - 30 Minutes 


Traditional New England & Italian Dishes Served 

Papa Brillo's is an upscale - casual restaurant. Yet we're a local place where you can come as you are and be treated like fact you can bring the whole family!

Come relax in a friendly atmosphere...and enjoy great Italian and New England dishes at the fair prices.



About Papa Brillo's 

Papa Brillo's is a new Italian restaurant in Upstate NY bringing a piece of Rhode Island's history to a new market. 

It was originally dreamed up by the actual "Papa " whom you see on our sign still today. It existed and flourished in the 1970's, when family dinners were important. It was a place where you could come as you are for a real home cooked dinner. Unfortunately, the times changed where fast food and chains were the rage Quality could only be found at high end establishments with high end bills.

Today the Papa Brillo's you see is a reinvention of the original by a man named Jeff. (He's actually the chef too) If you catch him, he'll talked about the times he had as a young man working for the Papa Brillo family. Simpler times.

For years he thought about bringing the concept back to life, but it wasn't until a chain of events occurred (and the perfect location came along) that the idea came to life. With a dream and a lot of hard work he single-handedly transformed a dying space into a perfect nod to the original restaurant. 

So today Papa Brillo's is alive again. Bringing a piece of history back, a taste of New England style foods, and family charm.

We look forward to making you a part of our family as we grow and improve over time.

Thank you for supporting us while we do.


Open Wed - Sunday

(518) 663 - 0176

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